A downloadable game for Windows

Colorful and cartoon 2,5 D hack-and-slash game that will charm everyone who’s tired from colorless days and wishes to experience the true adrenaline rush from Unrivaled Ajisaka!

Developed by GINGERSUN GAMES as a submission GameJamPlus.

Credits Team Composition:

  1. Moch Izzul Fikri Hidayah - Producer & Team Leader
  2. Alji Gelar Senatama - Character Designer & Animator
  3. Andhika Ahmad Abdillah - Level Designer
  4. Angkasa Prahara - 2D Environment Design
  5. Tamarindus Indica - UI/UX Designer
  6. Christoper Vincent Welax - Sound Designer
  7. Alyya Dwitariniki - Illustration Designer
  8. Rahmat M. P. R. -  Lead Game Programmer
  9. Putri A. - 3D Environment Artist
  10. Tegar Pramudi - 2D Background Artist



Install instructions

1. Download the file game

2. Extract the file with the name Windows.zip

3. Open the folder windows

4. Execute and play the game by double click "For Jam.exe"

Development log

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